Lil Wayne More Than Answers Mac Miller's 'Question'

'I wanted to make sure I got Wayne on something that was heartfelt,' Mac tells MTV News of Macadelic standout.

Mac Miller hasn't been around very long, but his ever-growing catalog has a lot of noteworthy tunes.

The gold-selling "Donald Trump" is a crowd-pleaser at shows, as is his jump-up-and-down party-starter "Knock, Knock." But Mac's recent Lil Wayne collaboration "The Question" already ranks right up there for him.

"This is one of my favorite records that I've ever done," Mac told MTV News of the Macadelic standout.

Miller surprised fans when he released Macadelic last week. It wasn't the quality of songs that stood out — Mac's fans have come to expect the best from the Pittsburgh MC — instead it was Macadelic's features that stood out to many. With a guest list that includes Kendrick Lamar, Sir Michael Rocks, Casey Veggies, Juicy J and Cam'ron, it was Weezy's multiplatinum name that made folks do a double-take.

Getting [artist id="510062"]Weezy[/artist] on your mixtape is a no-brainer for any MC with enough clout to pull it off, but Miller didn't want to get the Young Money boss on just any old track. To him, "The Question" was special.

"This song is a real meaningful song to me, man, and I wanted to make sure I got Wayne on something that was heartfelt," he said. "I got him on a record that I was saying something and not just talkin' sh--, so this record right here really kinda deals with a question that I've been goin' through in my own head."

"Sometimes I wonder who the f--- I am," Mac spits to start the record off. The 20-year old MC then goes on to ponder his place in the world over a slow-rolling track produced by Wally West and ID Labs.

"I feel like in a lot of people's lives, at a certain point, you kind of just look in the mirror and try and think about who I am as a person and what am I supposed to do here, what am I doin' with my time," he explained.

Often, Mac is criticized for releasing strictly party records, but on "The Question" he adds some depth to his catalog. Weezy, however, took a different approach, opening his rhyme while sitting in his Bentley, thinking about the plethora of women he has at his disposal. From there, Tunechi goes on about his machine gun, which he claims to treat like an infant, and, of course, his smoke. It's classic Weezy.

"Wayne came in and just killed the verse on the song," Mac exclaimed. "It was perfect to hear him like that."

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