Johnny Depp Records 'You're So Vain' Duet With Marilyn Manson

Depp and Manson's song will appear on the shock rocker's upcoming album, Born Villain.

One is considered to be one of the most handsome Hollywood icons on Earth and the other is ... well, half-named after a big star. It might not seem like Johnny Depp and aging shock rocker Marilyn Manson have much in common, but the pair are actually old pals and they rekindled their friendship recently by teaming up to record one of the all-time great kiss-off songs in rock history.

According to the Huffington Post, "Dark Shadows" star Depp, 48, and ghoulish rocker Manson, 43, recorded a cover of Carly Simon's 1972 hit "You're So Vain" for the singer's upcoming eighth studio album, Born Villain, which is due out on May 1.

The disc, which will be self-released on Manson's label, Hell, etc. Records, was teased last year with a graphic promotional trailer
 directed by another actor pal, Shia LaBeouf.

Depp and Manson first hooked up musically in 2001 when Manson provided the song "The Nobodies" for Depp's Jack the Ripper movie "From Hell." Manson also showed up to the "Pirates of the Caribbean" premiere at Disneyland in 2006.

Their choice of cover song is in keeping with Manson's career-long fascination with Hollywood legend. "Vain" was written and performed by Simon, who sings about an unnamed self-involved lover whose identity has turned into a decades-long parlor game, with speculation falling on everyone from Mick Jagger to Warren Beatty, David Bowie, Cat Stevens and former teen heartthrob David Cassidy.

And while Depp has long lived the life of a rock star in the guise of an actor, his musical background is pretty deep as well.

The box-office golden boy started out as a teenager in the Florida rock band the Kids and has recently jammed onstage with everyone from Eddie Vedder, to ZZ Top and his old pal and Captain Jack Sparrow inspiration, Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards.