Pauly D Reflects On 'Jersey Shore' Finale

'This season, we kind of appreciated Jersey more,' he tells MTV News of season five.

In a sea of laughs (courtesy of Vinny trying to hook up with two lesbians) and drama (including the Situation gossiping about Deena's sister's bedtime activities with his brother) on the "Jersey Shore" season finale, perhaps the biggest drama of all was caused by a prank pulled by Pauly D and Vinny.

After the crew returned from a camping trip, they found that their pals had pulled the ultimate practical joke, putting all their belongings and the house's furnishings outside. While almost everyone laughed it off, their pal the Situation didn't find it as amusing, complaining ad nauseam about the joke. "The finale's crazy because we go all out with the pranks," Pauly told MTV News about the season ender. "So me and Vinny, we're like prank-war champions. The whole house [suffers]. They appreciate it, but they get mad."

It capped off a season that was full of fun, drunken nights, as well as some real emotion, especially when Vinny left the house for a minute to deal with his anxiety issues. In the end, Pauly recalled all the laughs he shared with his roomies.

"Well, this season, we kind of appreciated Jersey more," he said. "So we took advantage of it and everything it has to offer. We were in Italy for so long [last season] that we never were away from the country for that amount of time, so you realize how much you miss gym, tan, laundry. There was no tanning beds in Italy.

"Something that surprised me? When Vinny left," he added about his buddy's short break from the house. "I never thought he would ever leave me. So he left me, but good thing we brought him back."

With season five over, it's not clear if the show will come back for a sixth season. If it does happen, Pauly D is down to hit Seaside again. "Absolutely! I'm there! I love summers on the Jersey Shore," he said. "I love it as a show, and I love it with my roommates. I wouldn't do it without [them]. I gotta do it with them. I want all of them, and I want the Jersey Shore."

Until then, fans can get their DJ Pauly D fix with his spin-off, "The Pauly D Project," kicking off on March 29, the same day as the premiere of "Punk'd." And of course, the "Shore" spin-off featuring mom-to-be Snooki and JWoww is currently in production.

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