Justin Bieber's 'Boyfriend' Track Getting Early Buzz

One radio host gets an early listen to the Believe track, out March 26, and compares it to Justin Timberlake's work.

It's still two weeks until Justin Bieber drops his single "Boyfriend," but there's already a lot of buzz about it online.

Radio host Mick Lee at Z104.3 in Baltimore got to hear the track and has great stuff to say about it. "All I'm saying ... is wow ... so much different than his previous music," he wrote on the station's website. "Produced by Mike Posner ... the best way to describe it is a mix of Justin Timberlake 'Sexy Back' ... N Sync 'Girlfriend' — AND get this ... he raps ... best comparison is it sounds like 'Wait' by the Ying Yang Twins ..."

Bieber's vocal producer Kuk Harrell recently spoke about the track, which is set for release on March 26, to Hollywoodlife.com, describing it as "hot." "Now that Justin is 18, he knows what his brand is," he said. "He knows what kind of songs are right for him. That's how you know you are genuine artist. Justin is a genuine artist!"

Harrell added that he thinks this album could help him win a Grammy, noting, "Justin is a very creative person. He has tons of ideas. When we are working together, I allow him to flush out all of those ideas. He will be an amazing producer one day."

"Boyfriend" is the lead single off Bieber's next album, Believe, due later this year.

"You can't really expect anything from my album. It's really, really different," Bieber told MTV News. "And it's new; it's not the same thing everyone's used to hearing right now on the radio. It's really exciting for me, 'cause I'm able to break out of my shell and show my fans what I'm all about and show other people who might not like my music that maybe they can like my music.

"I'm not trying to lose any of my young fans," he continued. "I'm not trying to lose any of my fans, I'm just trying to gain fans, and I think that's the best way to do it. Rather than try to grow up and lose your fans, you can get better and evolve and gain respect from more people."