'Twilight' Star Gets Eerie In Florence And The Machine Video

'Never Let Me Go' clip finds Florence Welch cavorting with 'Twilight' star Jamie Campbell Bower, with chilling results.

The last time we saw Florence Welch, she was plummeting through the New York City skyline in the spooky (and quite possibly Illuminati-sponsored) video for "No Light, No Light" ... now, she's back, with an equally ethereal (and vaguely "Twilight"-endorsed) new clip, for "Never Let Me Go."

The video features Flo and Twilighter Jamie Campbell Bower exchanging smoldering glances — and subsequently cavorting — at an eerie ice rink (couples' skate!), all while Welch slowly melts away into a viscous pool of fluid. Helmed by director/DJ Tabitha Denholm, who previously directed Florence's "Cosmic Love" and "Rabbit Heart" videos, "Never Let Me Go" is certainly visually arresting, but it also works on another level: Namely, it perfectly (and artfully) captures the experience of literally melting in the presence of a lover, the feeling of casting abandon to the wind and giving yourself away truly and completely.

Or something like that. Of course, given the cavernous, darkly lit spaces the video inhabits, it's also a nice fit to the song's voluminous, dream-like sonics. Truly, a skating rink hasn't looked this moody since, well, ever — to the point where you can practically feel the chill running its way up Welch's stockings. And as for Campbell Bower, well, he's plenty icy too, embracing Welch, planting a plaintive kiss on her head but remaining eternally detached. In a telling moment, he actually watches Welch disintegrate, which certainly hints at his true feelings for her.

Call it love on ice. Or a darkly spiritual rumination on the politics of figure skating. Either way, with "Never Let Me Go," Welch definitely adds to her impressive list of eye-catching clips, emotes and wails and flails, and gives skating its biggest artistic bump since Jay and Kanye's "N---as in Paris." It's chillingly effective, and just as beautiful, too.

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