Green Day's Upcoming Album Is All About Sex

Singer Billie Joe Armstrong promises that their ninth studio album will 'blow minds.'

Green Day have covered a lot of topics over the years: politics, war, greed, depression, boredom and the mind-numbing spiral of drug addiction.

But carnal knowledge? Not so much. According to a YouTube video posted by the group chronicling the sessions for their upcoming ninth studio album, that will be remedied in the near future. Of course, Green Day being Green Day, they didn't put it quite as delicately as all that.

"I'm just trying to think of how we can make people feel more attached ... as attached to this record as we feel," says an unseen questioner (who sounds exactly like bassist Mike Dirnt) in the recently posted 35-second clip, which features scenes of Dirnt skateboarding and playing ping-pong.

"I think it's so personal and it is so voyeuristic," replies singer Billie Joe Armstrong, shown adjusting levels at a mixing board. "And it is ... this is the first time we've ever really sung about f---ing."

And there you (bluntly) have it. Green Day are opening the door to their hearts by singing about the oldest topic there is in rock and roll. The thing, you know, that actually gave rock and roll its name.

But still, Dirnt wonders if even that's enough. "I know, but it's that daunting ... they're gonna get, ugh ... you can sit there and hold the record, look at a piece of art. 'Here you go, come on in even further,' " he says. "The songs are gonna f---ing blow their minds."

Armstrong tries to assuage his concerns, saying, "You're taking it personal. You're taking it way too personal." Either way, the as-yet-untitled album is shaping up to be a big step away from the group's two lauded recent efforts, American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown, both of which were concept albums about the ills of modern society and Bush-era paranoia.

A February 14 post from Armstrong strongly signaled that the album would tackle all things carnal. "Happy Valentine's Day!" he tweeted. "Officially started recording the new record today. It's F--- TIME!!!!"