Nicki Minaj Talks Hottest MCs At NBA All-Star Game

After performing 'Super Bass,' MC walked offstage and celebrated her Hottest MCs placement exclusively with MTV News.

ORLANDO, Florida — All the stars are out for the 2012 NBA All-Star Game, but before basketball's biggest names took the court at Orlando's Amway Center, Ms. Nicki Minaj set the party off right.

The reigning queen of rap rocked her smash single "Super Bass" in the jam-packed b-ball arena. Wearing a skintight white jumpsuit and a blond and pink hairdo, the Young Money MC spit her bars and hit her dance steps in front of the thousands of fans in Amway and the millions watching at home.

After the short set, Nicki strutted back to her dressing room and spotted MTV News on the way. The topic of conversation? Our Hottest MCs in the Game VII, of course. Nicki placed #4 on the list and proceeded to talk her ish as a true MC should. "Hottest MCs #4, let's get it," she boasted with a Queens, New York, swagger. "That's big, though. I deserve it. I put in work."

On Thursday night Nicki released her new single "Roman Reloaded" with Lil Wayne, and on the new single from her upcoming sophomore album she made sure to brag and boast. Only Rick Ross, Drake and Kanye West placed higher, giving Minaj the highest Hottest ranking for a female MC in the history of the debate.

Nicki was initially slotted at #5 with Young Money boss Wayne clocking in at #4, but several members of the members of the Hip-Hop Brain Trust felt strongly enough about Nicki's accomplishments mixed with her lyrical impact and ability to more than hold her own when playing with the boys warranted a second look at her ranking. Hottest MCs moderator Sway Calloway called for a vote and in the end, six of the nine experts elected to move Nicki up to the #4 spot, sending Weezy down to #5.

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