Jennifer Lopez Not Planning Steven Tyler Duet

'American Idol' judges aren't looking to hop on the 'Moves Like Jagger' bandwagon with their own collabo, Lopez tells MTV News.

The usual rule in Hollywood is that if something works once, it's probably worth doing it again, and again, and again, and then maybe once more just to make sure the concept hasn't run out of legs.

But even though "The Voice" mentors Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera smashed digital sales records with their collaboration "Moves Like Jagger," don't expect "American Idol" judge Jennifer Lopez to follow in their fancy footsteps.

"None of us are kind of followers in that way," Lopez told MTV News when asked if she and Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler might consider putting their very different pipes together to see if they could capture their own lightning in a bottle. "We kind of do what feels right, and anybody that's been in the business a long time knows that you don't chase."

You could see why they might consider it, though. Since joining the revamped "Idol" panel last year, Lopez and Tyler have helped set a standard for how career artists can reboot their fortunes by making a move to prime time. Aerosmith's back catalog sales blew up, while Lopez scored her biggest hit in years with the "Idol"-promoted single "On the Floor."

Despite that visibility, the singer said she's not into leading from behind. "You set the trail. You go out front, and anything that we do is something that feels good to us," she said, leaving the door open just a crack. "If that happened, it would happen. If a performance happened, it would happen. But it would have to feel real. ... Last year, we talked about performing together on the show for the finale, and we just couldn't agree on the same thing that felt good for all of us, so we just didn't do it."

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