'X Factor' Finalist Rachel Crow Lands TV, Record Deal

Crow will star in Nickelodeon musical comedy pilot and release album on Columbia Records.

After one of the most famous elimination breakdowns
 in reality singing competition history, "X Factor" finalist Rachel Crow has bounced back in a major way. The curly-haired cutie who charmed America during her run on the first American season of the Simon Cowell-created show has not only landed a record deal, but she's also prepping her TV series debut.

Though she went out in fifth place on "Factor," Crow has become the sixth top finisher from the show to land a recording contract, following in the footsteps of $5 million winner Melanie Amaro,
 Chris Rene, Astro,
 Marcus Canty and runner-up Josh Krajcik.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Crow has signed a talent deal with Nickelodeon (which, like MTV, is owned by Viacom Inc.) that will have her starring in her own as-yet-unnamed musical comedy series pilot. She's also signed a recording deal with Columbia Records. "It's been amazing," she told the Reporter about her post "Factor" ride. "A couple days after the elimination I just found myself sitting home asking myself, 'What am I going to do now?' And I never would've thought that this is what I was going do now. So, it's pretty amazing. I'm very thankful and I feel very blessed to have all this."

In addition to the Nickelodeon pilot, Crow has also been given a recurring role on the network's new series, "Fred: The Show," which stars Lucas Cruikshank. She's already begun filming scenes as the character Starr, described as "an eccentric girl who acts and sings and, as her name indicates, wants to be famous." She's slated to appear in at least five episodes that will air in the spring.

Crow plans to begin recording her debut album later this year. In the meantime, the singer said she's just overjoyed to be on the same label as such major stars as "Beyoncé Adele and Celine Dion.

"Columbia was awesome for me. This is the top, which is really cool," Crow said. "Beyonce and Adele. And I'm in the same family as them, which is really awesome." She promised that her disc would be "spunky" and that "it's just gonna be me."