Jennifer Aniston Calls 'Wanderlust' Nude Scene No 'Big Deal'

Aniston and co-star Paul Rudd dish on baring it all during our 'First' tomorrow at 7:56 p.m. ET on MTV and!

In the lead-up to the release of the new comedy "Wanderlust," much has been made of Jennifer Aniston's purported nude scene in the film. But when MTV New's Josh Horowitz sat down with Aniston and co-star Paul Rudd for our MTV First on Wednesday, the actress waved off the scene.

"Yeah, big deal!" Aniston said, insisting that most of the talk around the scene was just sensational. "Isn't that a good, fun headline? That's what happens."

"Wanderlust" — fans can preview an exclusive clip when we launch our "First" special Wednesday at 7:56 p.m. ET on MTV and — takes place at a commune, where two down-on-their-luck New Yorkers, played by Aniston and Rudd, seek refuge. And when you consider that "Wet, Hot American Summer" helmer David Wain was behind the camera, nudity may seem tame. For Aniston, the scene was just another part of the job.

"At that point, we had been shooting the movie for two months, two-and-a-half months, and the amount of things that we were asked to do that we were just like 'All right,'" Aniston said. "At that point, that was like putting on my shoes."

The duo share the experience of onscreen skin, a fact Aniston felt compelled to share. "You've shown your butt," she said to Rudd.

"Many times," he replied.

"And onscreen as well," Aniston joked. "In the makeup chair, he always never had clothes on."

"I had to get dressed for the shots," Rudd replied. "But when we weren't shooting, I was hanging brain, as it were."

For Aniston, nudity has to matter for where the character is heading in the story, and a crazy, purposeless nude scene would never work. "I think it depends on what the movie is. It felt like it would be gratuitous to do that in a movie like this and it would be more distracting from the movie and what was happening to the character," she explained. "It would all be about, 'Oh, you're naked, so it's boobs onscreen,' so it would totally lose the fun and the empowering moment [my character], Linda, was having in that scene."

One of Aniston's co-stars, however, does show a fair amount of skin, even if he's wearing a prosthetic penis.

"Joe Lo Truglio, the first night he came out with his prosthetic penis, within five minutes we were all touching it," Aniston revealed. "We were touching it, and we were examining it. It was just so interesting. It was just right there, underneath it. I think first night of shooting, I could resist, there was the beginning of many, many butt slaps."

Catch Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston tomorrow on MTV at 7:56 p.m. ET, when they'll debut an exclusive, never-before-seen clip from "Wanderlust." Then head over to for our 30-minute chat with Rudd and Aniston.

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