Chris Brown Throws Masked Rave In 'Turn Up' Video

Co-directed by the singer, the video is the lead visual off Fortune.

Chris Brown turns up the music to a big 11 in his video for his song "Turn Up the Music." The video, released on Friday (February 17), follows a well-dressed Brown while he enjoys a dance-filled night on the town.

The video tracks Brown from drinking in the street, to hailing a futuristic hover-cab filled with masked creatures, to hitting a warehouse rave filled with even more masked people, all watched over by some woman who appears to be the queen of the party, gazing at everyone from her own perch. From there, the clip is an eye-catching spectacle of various dance routines with Brown displaying his signature smooth moves.

During the video, the singer dons several outfits and looks that appear to pay homage to his own hero, Michael Jackson. Rocking well-tailored suits that are accessorized with fedoras and suspenders, Brown performs dancefloor acrobatics as lights and lasers dance around him. Brown's dance moves are aggressive and in your face, but he is still light on his feet.

At one point in the high-energy clip, the footage is slowed down as Brown does a flip. In another memorable scene, Brown dances alone in a rain-filled room, wearing white dress pants, a black tank and a fedora. As the song wraps up, he splits into three people, comes back together, takes off his shirt and throws it at the camera — and breaks the lens doing it.

The eye-popping video was co-directed with Godfrey Tabarez and shot in Los Angeles earlier this month. Produced by the Underdogs and Fuego, it's the lead single off Fortune, out March 16. He performed the song last Sunday at the Grammy Awards.

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