'Spider-Man' Star Andrew Garfield Reveals Spidey 'Shrine'

'I did try to look at every single thing that exists,' he tells MTV News of his research for the role.

Most Spider-Man fans would agree that the man who plays the iconic hero should be a fan. In that respect, Andrew Garfield fits the bill perfectly.

When Garfield spoke with MTV News' Josh Horowitz before a screening event for fans, he explained his process of tackling the role for "The Amazing Spider-Man," and it involved lots and lots of comic books. "I did try to look at every single thing that exists. That is impossible, I discovered, but I did my best," he said.

But naturally, as a fan, there would be certain incarnations of the web-slinger that resonated with Garfield and helped him conceive his take on Spider-Man. For Garfield, those insights came from many different comic book sources. "There were certain things that I loved for his physicality. There were certain things that I loved for his wit. There were certain incarnations that I loved for his body type," Garfield said. "The Ultimates, I love the body type in the Ultimates and his physicality in the Ultimates, but I also love the artwork in the 'Torment' series, the [Todd] McFarlane series."

Once those pieces were found, it was a matter of stringing them all together into an in-depth conception of the superhero. Garfield and his stunt team attempted to go through every level of Peter Parker's life and think of the implications of his powers.

"Me and the stunt boys, we created a room where we just had a shrine to everything Spidey and to everything Peter Parker, because we wanted to make sure the physical language wasn't just a guy in a suit being a guy in a suit and throwing punches and throwing kicks," he said. "We didn't want it to be Jason Statham in a suit. We wanted it to be a half-spider, half-boy, who has spider DNA running around his blood system."

To realistically pull this off, the team went step-by-step to imagine how Spider-Man would realistically act, something necessary for bringing him to the big screen. "We wanted to understand deeply what that meant in terms of how he moves, in terms of skin sensitivity, in terms of his abilities of awareness. Imagine if he had six eyes. Imagine if he had more legs and what that means, not just within the suit but in day-to-day life," Garfield said. "He can eat Chinese takeout with his feet, while he's also writing a note, while texting with his shoulder. What does that mean? We tried to approach it from as organic a place as possible."

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