'Amazing Spider-Man' Trailer Delivers Action, Laughs

MTV News' Josh Horowitz and Josh Wigler give their stamp of approval to the sneak peek with their own commentary track.

Now that's the Spider-Man we've been waiting for!

The friendly neighborhood wall-crawler swung into action early Tuesday (February 7) with a brand-new trailer for "The Amazing Spider-Man," director Marc Webb's reboot of the flagship Marvel superhero. Although we were afforded the opportunity to see the world from Spidey's own perspective in the last preview — quite literally, in fact — we honestly get an even better sense of what Webb is going for with his take on the "Spider-Man" franchise in this latest spot.

From web-shooters to reptilian rampages, there's a lot to cover in the newest look at "Spider-Man," so MTV Movies Managing Editor Josh Horowitz and MTV Splash Page Editor Josh Wigler used their combined spider-senses to dive into the "Amazing" new trailer.

Swing Away

We've known about the return of Spider-Man's web-shooters for a while now. But knowing and seeing are very different things — and yes, we like what we see, very much! The red-light visual cue of the shooters paired with mechanical sound effects is magic for the eyes and music to our ears. And actually seeing Spidey webbing around New York City — perhaps it's early, but "Amazing" looks to have the best web-slinging of any Spider-Man movie to date.

Lighten Up

Andrew Garfield is funny. Peter Parker is hilarious. But based on the first teaser, we weren't sure that Garfield's Parker would be in on the joke. Well, we were wrong! The "Social Network" actor shows his Spidey knowhow in this new trailer, cracking wise against criminals and spinning them up all the same. "Amazing" looks like a darker Spider-Man than the films we've seen before, sure, but there's room for levity. Garfield seems to fully understand that, and we're tremendously relieved.

The Untold Story

The new secret origin of Peter Parker remains mystifying. It seems that the disappearance of Peter's parents early in his childhood isn't just a peripheral plot point, but perhaps even at the core of how and why Peter becomes Spider-Man. It's a curious move likely to leave both casual and die-hard fans scratching their heads, at least for now. The new trailer doesn't clear things up much, so we'll have to wait until July to see how this mysterious web unravels.


Marc Webb gets characters. He gets emotion. Anyone who saw "(500) Days of Summer" knows this. Now we know he gets action as well. Web-slinging aside, the scene of maskless Spidey going toe-to-toe against a pack of cops is a brilliantly executed piece of action and gives us lots of confidence that Webb knows what he's doing in the fisticuffs department. Dare we say it, we even got a "Dark Knight" vibe from that scene.

King Koopa

The Lizard remains a divisive issue, even after this trailer. He's only seen in bits and pieces, but the few glimpses leave something to be desired. Hopefully the final FX work will make a difference. That said, looks aside, the sheer size and scale of the Lizard is something to admire. It holds great potential for some spectacular skyscraping scraps between Spidey and his reptilian nemesis, and we're holding out hope that the epic battles compensate for lackluster creature design.

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