Exclusive: Diddy Adds Baltimore MC Los To Bad Boy Roster

'We're trying to put that young, youthful energy out in the air,' Diddy tells MTV News about his new Bad Boy signees.

The saga continues. Diddy is pretty excited about his new Bad Boy Records roster, but the music mogul isn't done adding new talent to the storied label.

"It's time for a whole new generation; it's time for a whole new movement. So we got [Machine Gun Kelly], French Montana, Red Café; we got Cassie," Diddy told MTV News correspondent Sway while at a French Montana video shoot on January 29. "We also have a new artist named Los that we signed. It's official. We're trying to put that young, youthful energy out in the air and do it the only way that Bad Boy can do it."

Underground rap fans have gotten familiar with Los thanks to his collection of lyrically heavy mixtapes. This isn't his first go-round with Diddy's label, however. He first auditioned for Puff's "Making the Band" but refused to sign any of the paperwork required to appear on the show. The Baltimore MC then signed to Bad Boy, through local label Bloc Incorporated around 2005 after he auditioned for Puff with a 10-minute freestyle. Bloc Incorporated would eventually disband and Los wound up losing his deal with Bad Boy in 2008 before he was able to drop any material.

Since 2008, Los has dropped a number of mixtapes. His latest, The Crown Ain't Safe, was released in December and featured contributions from DMX and Twista. "When I say The Crown Ain't Safe, I just mean whoever is viewed as #1," Los told Mixtape Daily back in August before referencing basketball great Michael Jordan and his onetime sidekick. "I just feel like it's for the taking. Why wouldn't you want to be #1? I'm not Scottie Pippen; I want to be #1."

Whether or not Los will get that #1 spot remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: He is on the right team. "It's definitely reinvention time; it's rebuilding time," Diddy told Sway of his new Bad Boy team. "When you've been doing it for as long as we've been doing it, we the last ones standing from when we were doing it. And that's not taking shots at nobody, that's just a fact."

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