Diddy, French Montana 'Let It Go' On Red Cafe Video Set

'It's a beautiful day, historic thing goin' down right here,' Cafe tells MTV News from the set of his 'Let It Go' video.

The Bad Boys invaded Miami this past weekend when Red Café gathered Diddy, French Montana and 2 Chainz for his "Let It Go" remix video shoot. "It's a beautiful day, historic thing goin' down right here," Red told MTV News on the set Sunday.

It was definitely a family affair, even if the rappers on set aren't technically part of the same crew. Both Café and French hail from New York and are signed to Diddy's Bad Boy while Atlanta's 2 Chainz just announced his new deal with Def Jam on Wednesday's "RapFix Live." But different record labels didn't stop the MCs from showing one another love. Even Maybach Music's Meek Mill appears in the video riding his dirt bike, even though he doesn't vocally appear on the song.

"That's my dog, we came up together so I want him to win like he wants me to win," French said of Red Café. "The same goes for my dog 2 Chainz, and that's Phil Jackson right there," he added, comparing Diddy to the famed NBA coach.

The set wasn't glamorous at all. The dirt bikes and multiple bonfires suggested that when it is done, the "Let it Go" remix video will serve as a nod to the gritty rap videos of the 1990s. It's an aesthetic that Red could have achieved in his hometown. So, why Miami? "It was mainly just to have great energy in it. We still wanted to be able to wear a lot of different outfits and in NYC it's a little chilly right now so it hinders us from doing the things that we wanna do, but we always New York regardless," he said. "We just wanted to come down here and get some great energy goin'."

Diddy's Bad Boy once boasted the brightest of rap and R&B superstars. (The Notorious B.I.G., Ma$e, Faith Evans and the LOX have all called Bad Boy home.) Now with Café, French and Machine Gun Kelly on the roster, the energy surrounding Diddy's label seems to be growing, and Puff isn't humble about it either. "It ain't the '90s; we in 2012 and we getting it. It's Bad Boy bitch you know what it is," he boasted. "Sh-- is like air, you grew up with air in your life, when you wake up, you pray to God there is air, that's Bad Boy, we're like f---in' air. Breathe it."

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