Katy Perry 3-D Concert Film In Works

Paramount proposes bringing over-the-top stage spectacle to big screen.

Katy Perry is in talks to bring Candyfornia to a Cineplex near you -- in 3-D.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Paramount has reached out to the pop star's camp to do a documentary-style 3-D film a la the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber and "Glee" before her.

While the deal is still in its early stages, according to sources, both sides are excited by the prospect of bringing Perry's colorful, over-the-top stage spectacle to the big screen. Right now, sources added, it's a matter of working out the logistics for the potential film.

Perry is not currently on tour: She wrapped up her California Dreams trek less than two weeks ago in Manila, Philippines. So, how and when Perry would tape the concert portion of the film is up in the air. This wouldn't be her first foray on the big screen: She voiced Smurfette in 2011's "The Smurfs."

Regardless of what happens with the project, Perry does have a busy few months ahead of her. She is up for two Grammy Awards on February 12 and will re-release her successful Teenage Dream album March 13.

Dubbed Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection, producer Tricky Stewart said he and Perry re-worked a TD leftover for the release. "This song is really special. It's called 'Dressing Up,' so it's going to be a big record, I think," he said. "It definitely fits. It's right there in what her sensibilities are as a musician and a songwriter. She doesn't change much. She has a very keen musical taste. It'll be really good."

In between projects, Perry has kept everyone guessing about her hair. Currently, it's a sparkling shade of turquoise, which her colorist, Rita Hazan, said really does her justice: "I felt like it's the perfect color for her because her eyes are blue and she has the perfect skin tone to be a really vibrant, really cool, intense blue," she explained to MTV News.

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