Madonna Calls M.D.N.A. 'Action-Packed'

Queen of Pop tells MTV News most of her upcoming album is more 'high-energy' than award-winning 'Masterpiece.'

Madonna has teased fans not only inadvertently with a leaked demo of her first single for "Gimme All Your Luvin," but also with "Masterpiece" (which also appears on the soundtrack for her film, "W.E."). So far it seems that the two very different tracks show the two very different sides that the Queen of Pop is pursuing on her next studio release, M.D.N.A.

While "Gimme" plays up Madge's playful, upbeat persona, "Masterpiece," as she explained to MTV News, is a different story. " 'Masterpiece' is one of the few kind of more down-tempo songs, more reflective," she told MTV News at the New York City premiere of "W.E."

"I think the majority of the record is more action-packed," she teased. "More high-energy." It seems, then, that what fans have heard of "Gimme" is more of what they will hear on the album.

The album will reportedly get a March release date. It features production from Martin Solveig on its lead single, which gets some presumably sassy assists from two fierce female MCs, Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. Both ladies will reportedly take the stage with the pop icon to perform the track at the Super Bowl halftime show.

Madonna also worked with longtime collaborator and Ray Of Light producer William Orbit, who produced the Golden Globe-winning "Masterpiece." "We've worked on stuff for so many years that we kind of finish each other's sentences. He knows my taste and what I like," she explained at the premiere. "Magic happens when we get into a recording studio together."

At the Globes, Madonna recalled how "Masterpiece" came together. "[My manager Guy Oseary] harangued me for the entire time I was filming and editing my movie to write a song," she said during her acceptance speech for Best Original Song. "And I said, 'Please, Guy, I'm trying to focus on being a director and I want people to pay attention to the film and I don't have time.' So then I finished the film and I started making my record and somehow magically and miraculously the song emerged, 'Masterpiece,' so thank you, Guy Oseary, for being so irritating."

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