Michelle Obama 'Is Really Funny,' Miranda Cosgrove Says

'iCarly' star tells MTV News about first lady's cameo, airing Monday on Nickelodeon.

Miranda Cosgrove is welcoming her biggest and most political guest star to date on Monday's episode of "iCarly." The teen star will be joined by first lady Michelle Obama in a very special episode of the series aptly called "iMeet the First Lady."

The episode, which airs at 7:30 p.m. ET on Nickelodeon, will follow Carly as she prepares to welcome her military dad home for his birthday. When he's unable to come back from his deployment, the First Lady meets with Carly to thank her for her family's sacrifice and service. Cosgrove said the idea for the episode came courtesy of Mrs. O herself after watching the show with her daughters.

"It was one of the most exciting days in the entire time we've been filming the series in the last five years," she said. "Because there was Secret Service everywhere and there's just so much preparation for her coming and everybody was so excited to meet her. And then she came to the set and she was really down to earth and fun."

Given that Mrs. Obama is such a rookie when it comes to acting, the young Hollywood heavyweight weighed in on the first lady's skills, giving her two thumbs up. "In real life she's really funny, so I think that helped a lot because she just has a really good sense of humor," she said. "So, she has good comic timing."

While the episode is about Carly's experience in a military family, the episode really pays homage to all the military families out there. "This is really the best thing we could have done because it's all about celebrating military families, just really letting all these kids know how important their parents are and how great they are for supporting them," Cosgrove said.

In fact, just to show how much support the show has for these families, the cast has been hosting special screenings of the episode at military bases throughout the country. The last will be held Friday (January 13) near Washington, D.C., at Hayfield Secondary School in Alexandria, Virginia.

"It's been really fun going to all the different military bases and meeting all the families and kids," Cosgrove said. "They're the first ones who get to see it ... The response has been really good."

And at this last screening, Cosgrave will be joined by her super special co-star. "Mrs. Obama is going to be there and we're going to get to see her again," she teased. "And maybe we'll randomly dance."

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