'Dark Knight Rises' Screenwriter Defends Bane's Voice

Jonathan Nolan promises Tom Hardy is 'spectacular' in the wake of controversy over villain's muffled vocals in 'DKR' prologue.

Fans and critics may have had a difficult time understanding Bane's dialogue in "The Dark Knight Rises" prologue, but they'll have no problem comprehending what screenwriter Jonathan Nolan has to say about the matter.

In an interview at a Television Critics Association event in Los Angeles, director Christopher Nolan's brother was asked about the reaction some folks had to Bane's muffled lines. And while he admitted he'd rather discuss his CBS drama "Person of Interest," he didn't exactly duck the question, either.

"I've gotta tell you, I think what Tom Hardy is doing with the role is spectacular," Nolan said. "I've had the benefit of seeing a little bit more than the audience has seen, at this point, and it's pretty spectacular."

The writer doled out praise for Hardy — who plays the veiny, verbose villain in the upcoming film — and assured fans that, really, the prologue shows just one small part of a very multifaceted character. Nolan was rather tight-lipped about additional "Dark Knight" details, saying only, "We're still in lock-down mode, in terms of talking about that project." Though he did speak about the inspiration behind the eye-popping, mid-air snatch-and-grab that's prominently featured in the prologue.

"It's an amazing team with my brother [Christopher Nolan], [producer] David Goyer and myself. Those are two great guys to work with and brainstorm with," Nolan said. "I think Chris [has] long wanted to do the aerial spectacular. It's such a good fit for the IMAX cameras that he likes to shoot with, and so that was a long time in the making."

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