Katy Perry And Russell Brand's Split 'Upsetting,' Fans Say

'I was just so sad because they're so funny together. I just can't see them with anyone else,' fan tells MTV News.

It may be the beginning of a new year, but it's also the end of Katy Perry and Russell Brand's 14-month marriage. And despite the apparently steady chemistry, fans of both the stars have voiced their thoughts on the couple's sudden divorce, which was announced Friday morning.

"It's upsetting," Khrystyna Luchka, 23, told MTV News during Saturday night's "NYE in NYC 2012." "They're perfect for each other: They're quirky, and they're cute."

Another fan, Emily, confessed that it's hard to imagine the power stars without each other, saying, "I love Katy Perry, so I was just so sad because they're so funny together. I just can't see them with anyone else."

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However, some weren't too saddened by the news, as one follower admitted: "Congratulations to them for making it for that long. Give it a year, I think, for anyone in Hollywood is kind of good."

As expected, the blogosphere was buzzing when news hit that Brand had filed for divorce from the pop darling, citing "irreconcilable differences." Facebook user Randy Michael Ramirez confessed that the breakup may give the pop star inspiration for her forthcoming material. "At least she'll have something to write about for her next album!" he said.

Like Ramirez, Vincent E. Onyeche tied Perry's music and personal life together, writing, " 'The One That Got Away.' She knew it was coming and sang that hit."

Fan Jessica Villarreal was disappointed with the announcement, as she admitted the duo was one of few Hollywood couples she really enjoyed: "This really makes me sad," she wrote on Facebook.

While Twitter user CheeYinYang expressed her disbelief, writing, "Whaaaaaa I don't believe it ... Well at least she didn't pull a Kim Kardashian," another fan felt that there still might be a happy ending for this California girl: "She can find better. ... She's beautiful, bubbly and he might just regret it," JR tweeted.

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