'Dark Knight Rises' Trailer: Five Key Scenes

New trailer hints that all is not well in Gotham City eight years after 'The Dark Knight.'

Some lucky Batman fans got a chance to check out the brand-new trailer for "The Dark Knight Rises" over the weekend, and now Apple has the first theatrical trailer for the entire world to see.

The new preview gives us our best look yet at Gotham City eight years after the end of "The Dark Knight," and things aren't going very well. Gordon's tenure as commissioner may be coming to an end. Selina Kyle warns Bruce of a storm on the horizon, and Bane shows a complete disregard for football field maintenance.

Here are the five key scenes from the brand-new "Dark Knight Rises" trailer.

Old Man Wayne

While you may have watched the bootleg of the trailer a dozen times online over the weekend, a lot of the trailer's details didn't translate from the pirated copy. The most intriguing detail has to be the reflection in the dish cover. It clearly shows Bruce Wayne walking toward it with a cane. Spy footage from the set hinted that an injured Wayne would have a cane, but this is the first concrete proof. Is this Bane's work, and how badly is Wayne hurt? This could be the end of Batman that's hinted at in the trailer.

Where in the World Is Bruce Wayne?

The scene from the trailer that remains largely a mystery is the one where Wayne enters the hall of staircases and asks what the chanting means. We haven't seen anything like this setting in the series yet, but Wayne's clothes resemble the clothes he wears in the early scenes of "Batman Begins," during his stint in the League of Shadows. We've all heard that the final film in Christopher Nolan's trilogy will double-back and cover some territory from the first film. Is this our first look at the return of the League of Shadows?

Are You Ready for Some Foootbaaa ... OH SH--!

Clearly the scene everyone will be talking about, in the football stadium, Nolan tries his hand at making a disaster movie. Nothing in the series so far compares to the earthquake in the stadium in terms of destruction. Bane succeeds where other villains haven't, and this more or less confirms the presence of the much-discussed earthquake machine. While many had their doubts, no one can deny that Nolan handles an otherwise outlandish concept with a deft and cool hand. Now imagine that in IMAX!

Oh Hey, It's Tali, I Mean, Miranda Tate

There she is, the most mysterious of the new characters, Miranda Tate. When Marion Cotillard signed on to re-team with Nolan, people cried foul. The press release may have said Miranda Tate, dutiful Wayne Enterprises employee, but hard-core fans smelled a red herring. This is the first time we're actually seeing Cotillard, but the trailer doesn't offer much. Who is Miranda Tate? It's clear we'll have to wait to find out.


Photos from the set gave us glimpses at Batman's new aerial ride, the Batwing, but seeing it in action is a whole other monster. I can't even begin to wrap my head around what that scene is going to be like. We know that several tumblers are involved. Bane is there, and at some point, Batman unleashes the Batwing on everyone. Even though fans knew about the Batpod before "The Dark Knight" hit theaters, its reveal ranked among the film's best moments. Expect the same treatment for the Batwing.

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