Snooki The 'Same Person,' Despite 'Jersey Shore' Fame

Pint-size guidette lands at #3 on MTV News' Top 50 TV Characters of 2011.

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is America's favorite self-proclaimed "meatball." As one of the tanned, colorful stars of "Jersey Shore," Snooki has charmed America with her devil-may-care attitude, her search for love and her ability to put guys in their place without flinching, thanks to her scrappy attitude.

This year, Snooki traveled the globe with her "Shore" pals, taking their visa-revoking-worthy antics to Italy. Come 2012, the crew will be back home in Seaside Heights, where they'll once again GTL their way through parties and drama for season five of the hit MTV show. Snooki also appears in the highly anticipated "Three Stooges" flick, due in the spring.

Sure, it's hard not to love everyone on "Jersey Shore," but in 2011, Snooki proved she's more than just a small-screen sensation. She became an author, pistachio spokesperson and mini-mogul, putting her name on a variety of products ranging from slippers to perfume. She also sits at #3 on our list of the Top 50 TV Characters of 2011.

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MTV News got on the phone with Snooki on Friday (December 9) to talk about her whirlwind 12 months.

MTV: You landed at #3 on our list of favorite TV characters! As you reflect back on 2011, what was your favorite moment?

Snooki: Oh, cool! Great! I would probably say Wrestlemania [back in March]. It was really fun to be in the ring and just doing back flips.

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MTV: We are very close to the next season of "Jersey Shore." The trailer came out this week, and there's a lot of crazy stuff in there. What was your reaction to the trailer?

Snooki: Kind of like with every season, just memories. They're gonna be excited to see us back in Seaside.

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MTV: Watching the trailer, there seems to be some situations between you and the Situation. Can you talk a little bit about what's happening between the two of you?

Snooki: We can't really give it away; it's just our relationship and how it progresses, whether it be really good or really bad [with the Situation].

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MTV: As we look forward to 2012, what are you most looking forward to in the next phase of your life?

Snooki: I'm just really excited about my brand and all my products that are coming out. I definitely want to brand myself and have a big line of things. So I'm really excited about that.

MTV: When the "Three Stooges" trailer came out this week, "Shore" fans were surprised to see you and JWoww at the end. Can you talk about your part in the film?

Snooki: We're pretty much playing ourselves, like what you see on "Jersey Shore." So it was pretty easy just to be yourself. I definitely want to do more movies like that. We [Snooki and her "Jersey Shore" castmates] went to L.A. for four days. I've seen [the original], when it was in black-and-white and stuff like that. It was fun to be on set.

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MTV: As we reflect and look forward, what's it like to be Snooki right now?

Snooki: I'm still just the same person that I was before everything happened. I'm still the same person. Obviously, there's a lot more opportunities that we get to do, but I'm still the same person. When I'm not doing the stuff with the show or promoting myself, I'm still just hanging out with my friends and doing the same stuff.

The fifth season of "Jersey Shore" premieres Thursday, January 5, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV. For continuing "Shore" coverage, be sure to check in with MTV's Remote Control blog.