Katy Perry Gets 'SNL' Advice From Russell Brand

'I've only ever hosted, like, dinner parties and birthday parties,' Perry jokes during rehearsals for this week's 'Saturday Night Live' episode.

NEW YORK — On Saturday when "Saturday Night Live" goes, well, live, Katy Perry will be the lady of the night. The pop singer is currently in rehearsals for her hosting gig, and despite some butterflies, she has in her corner someone who really understands the responsibilities of hosting helping her out from afar: her husband, comedian Russell Brand.

"I've only ever hosted, like, dinner parties and birthday parties. This is a bit more than that," she joked on set with MTV News. "It's not as intimidating when you get here because it's a bit smaller than it looks on TV, and I'm up for a challenge, for something new. I love to be challenged ... I married Russell Brand."

Speaking of the devil, Brand hosted the show back in February and his wife has been reaching out to him for any and all advice he might be able to offer. "My husband, of course, every day I call him and I'm like 'this happened' and he's like, 'I know what that means and here's the next play-by-play for tomorrow,' so he's gotten me really prepared for this week, thankfully."

He's not the only past "SNL" host that Perry is looking to for guidance. She's also obsessing over Melissa McCarthy's October hosting appearance. "Well, I saw the Melissa McCarthy episode and I thought she did a great job," she said. "She's so fun to watch and she really brings it, so that's what I was soaking in this week — Melissa McCarthy and all of her nuances."

This marks the second time this year that Perry has been on the show. She was the musical guest back in 2010, but still managed to show off just how funny she can be during a sketch in which she poked fun at some controversy regarding her ample bosom and a canceled "Sesame Street" appearance.

"Well, you're gonna see some Hello Kitty, some cockney accents, maybe, and some me flubbing my lines, probably laughing out loud at Kristen Wiig 'cause she's amazing," Perry teased of this week's show, which will also include musical guest and past tourmate Robyn. "They're all really amazing. I feel supercool to be able to be in the same breathing space as them."

Speaking of Wiig, Perry recalls one interesting encounter the two have already shared on set. "It's a bit stalkerish 'cause last time I was here, I Twittered that I would like a lock of Kristen Wiig's hair so that I can put it under my pillow every night," she explained. "And she read it and she actually gave me a card with a lock of her hair with a tiny blue bow in it. ... Ever since then, I've been obsessed."