'Breaking Dawn' Sex-Scene Song Inspired By Edward

Sleeping At Last's Ryan O'Neal calls submitting 'Turning Page' for the soundtrack a 'shot in the dark,' in 'Twilight' Tuesday.

We're back again for another "Twilight" Tuesday, our recently resurrected weekly column dedicated to anything and everything popping in the house that Stephenie Meyer built.

Not that we've been lacking content this month, since "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn- Part 1" opens this week, but there's always something to spotlight. This week's special subject: the lucky artists on the soundtrack.

When you're associated with any of the "Twilight" films, no matter in what capacity, it's kind of a big deal — particularly if you are an emerging artist on the music scene and one of your songs is selected to be part of the "Breaking Dawn" soundtrack. That dream recently came true for singer/songwriter Ryan O'Neal from Sleeping At Last when he found out his song "Turning Page" made the final cut.

"I wrote 'Turning Page' about six months ago, and it was something I felt I really wanted to be from Edward's perspective," he told MTV News recently, after a special concert performance for the fans camped out before the premiere in "tent city." "I thought, 'That makes sense,' and things just kind of layered on itself. And after the first few piano chords, I felt like that was where I wanted to go with it. So then I sent it in, which was a total shot in the dark. I hadn't heard anything [for a while], so I was pretty sure it was a no-go. And then a couple months ago, I got a call and was told it was in some of the parts of the film."

In exactly what parts of the film does his song appear? When Bella is walking down the aisle and during the highly anticipated sex scene. Can you imagine sending in a song as a "shot in the dark" and then finding out that it is featured in not one, but two scenes? And not only that, but those two scenes happen to be two of the most important in the movie? O'Neal is a lucky duck. A hugely talented and deserving one, that is, and very appreciative.

"I'm still kind of wrapping my head around the whole thing," O'Neal said. "I'm so, so privileged. I can't even believe it."

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