'21 Jump Street' Trailer: Five Key Scenes

Trailer references Jonah Hill's 'Superbad' and includes an appearance by a certain 'Parks and Recreation' star.

The Twitter war between Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum to see who'd get to tweet the "21 Jump Street" red-band trailer didn't exactly work out as planned. Hill won, yet for some reason didn't send out the link, so Tatum stepped in and executed the tweetage. But the new footage is nonetheless here.

The action-comedy — based on Johnny Depp's '80s TV series, of course — stars Hill and Tatum as two young cops who join a resurrected undercover unit, pose as students and infiltrate a local high school to get to the bottom of a synthetic-drug ring. Depp's cameo, unsurprisingly, doesn't pop up in the new footage, but what else does? Let's go ahead and take a look at the trailer's five key moments.

A Lifetime of Being Badass Mother$#@*&%s!

Yes, that's basically the professional goal of Schmidt (Hill) and Jenko (Tatum) when they join the police force. Once in uniform, though, badassery is hardly in the job description. Just look at those poor dudes biking around a park, their helmets and shorts almost as lethal to their images as their guns would be to the bad guys. One botched drug bust later, however, and it's on to the Jump Street squad.

Fitting In, Getting High

The kids at the drug-filled high school are understandably skeptical of the two new students. As Dave Franco puts it, Tatum looks like he's 40. So the cops have to fit in, which involves them taking the synthetic drug that comes in a package with a logo that looks, well, like a red pile of dog poop with a halo above it. So what does the drug do? According to the trailer, it makes you run through hallways and be rude to teachers, plus it leaves your tongue feeling really, really weird.

Do the Honors, Ron Swanson

You knew it was coming, that moment when one character urges a few others to head on down to 21 Jump Street. In theory, there's something inherently nod-to-the-TV-show cheesy about it. Luckily, the honors are bestowed on Nick Offerman, otherwise known as Ron Swanson from "Parks and Recreation." In his hands, with that man's-man beard of his, the line comes out as both hokey and humorous. Well done, Mr. Swanson, or whatever your name in this movie is.

The "Superbad" Callbacks

The trailer doesn't just hearken back to Depp's TV show. It also includes two moments unmistakably linked to Hill's 2007 breakout comedy, "Superbad." In one, Hill and Tatum exit a liquor store that looks a whole heck of a lot like the one where McLovin' tried to score booze for a party. Later, Hill is hit by a car and flung backward, yet isn't so banged and bruised that he can't pop off a curse-filled one-liner. Remember how a similar car-crash-and-curse befell Hill outside McLovin's liquor store in "Superbad"?

Guns, F-Bombs and Prom

For years, Hill has been promising that his "21 Jump Street" wouldn't be a parody, some weak-sauce bastardization of the TV series. He wasn't kidding. This is a hard-R action-comedy filled with foul language, guns galore, a few explosions and the odd sight of Hill asking Tatum to go to prom with him, a date that requires both of them to suit up with enough firepower to take on the T-1000. Now that is a brawl we'd kill to see.

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