Robyn Goes 'All The Way' At MTV's O Music Awards

Dance queen says Monday's online awards show was 'not like doing a TV show; it was a concert.'

WEST HOLLYWOOD, California — If you tuned in to MTV's second O Music Awards on Monday night, you were treated to a truly "offbeat, outrageous, online" experience, as promised. We had star presenters, surprise award recipients and a series of killer live performances, headlined by Swedish sparkplug Robyn.

MTV News caught up with the "Dancing on My Own" singer immediately following her showstopping set in the heart of the West Hollywood Halloween Carnival to see what she thought of the crowd.

"I would sum it up like this," she said, pointing to a broken blood vessel in her right eye. "That's how much I'm doing this. I'm doing it all the way! [The show] was not like doing a TV show; it was a concert, in parts. It was weird going on and off, but it was really fun."

"She was on fire — and I know fire," one reveler dressed as the devil told us, holding up his pitchfork.

"Everyone in West Hollywood loves Robyn," added another partyer, dressed as "Sleeping Beauty" villain Maleficent. "I'm pretty sure half these people here came just to see her."

"I had no idea she was going to be here; it was such a surprise," gushed a group of lucky concert attendees. "We had so much fun!"

"It's Halloween and people are dressed up, so yeah, it's fun," Robyn said of her costumed crowd.

"Her energy is so intense, it's so awesome. She got the crowd so pumped and it's amazing out here," added the man dressed as the devil.

"It doesn't get any better than having Robyn play down the street from your own house," said one lucky West Hollywood resident.

"Her music just makes us want to dance. The gays love to dance," quipped one of four scantily clad Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

"She's high-energy," added a fellow turtle. "She's like the artistic everyman; she represents everybody."

The O Music Awards 2 have wrapped, but you can catch up on all the winners, performances and other show highlights on