Girls' Generation: Five Things You Didn't Know

'There's nine girls, but our teamwork is more amazing than our choreography,' Tiffany tells MTV News.

Nine-member Korean Pop group Girls' Generation are making a name for themselves in the U.S. The girls recently played an "epic" Madison Square Garden show, they're releasing their first Stateside single later this month and their new music video for "The Boys" has nearly 15 million YouTube views after just two weeks.

But although the group has had enormous success overseas, they're still relatively unknown in America, which is why when MTV News sat down with Girls' Generation (a.k.a. Soshi or SNSD to their international fans), we asked them to tell us what they thought new followers needed to know about them.

"We have impeccable choreography, in-sync choreography," Tiffany said.

"Our music is upbeat, lively and energetic," Sooyung added.

Indeed, their knack for upbeat, radio-friendly songs has earned them success like the 2009 hit "Gee," which is the longest-running #1 single on the Korean Broadcasting Charts. And with chart-topping songs and a devoted fanbase in countries like Korea and Japan, the group credits their success to one key thing: "Teamwork."

"There's nine girls, but our teamwork is more amazing than our choreography," Tiffany explained. "Beat that!"

Music, however, isn't the girls' only talent: It turns out they're also multilingual. "We have members that speak English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean," Jessica told us.

And if you wondered whether a girl group made up of nine women means navigating clashing personalities or even catfights, think again. According to the ladies, while things aren't always perfect, the singers are as close as sisters.

"We grew up together starting earliest age 10 and latest age 15, 16," Tiffany said. "We've grown up and we're one big happy family," she added. "We know when to be around each other, when not to be around each other and as the time passes, we really appreciate each other's presences and teamwork."

Girls' Generation probably won't be getting a break from each other anytime soon as they're hoping to embark on a world tour, which Jessica said could kick off "maybe sometime soon, maybe next year."

"Since K-pop is becoming a movement, we're all looking forward to making this not into a movement, but for us to become part of a genre or become music here as well," Tiffany said. "We definitely want a world tour. ... Be careful, world, we're on the way!"

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