Kim Kardashian Didn't Profit From Wedding, Mom Says

Kris Jenner stops by Sway's Shade 45 morning show to talk about daughter's divorce from Kris Humphries.

Kim Kardashian's siblings have already spoken out about her split from Kris Humphries, and now mom and manager Kris Jenner is weighing in on the very public divorce.

"Kim obviously had to make a really tough decision yesterday, and it's been really, really hard on her, for sure," Jenner told MTV News' Sway Calloway when she stopped by his "Sway in the Morning" radio show on SiriusXM's Shade 45. "But as her mom, she knows me and she knows her family well enough to know that no matter what, I'm there, we're all there for her through thick and thin. I told her: You have to follow your heart."

While the family is weathering the breakup storm, Kris had one message for the haters out there: Kim married for love, not profit. "The misconception that's so annoying in the media and the press is that the wedding was a sham and she did it for the money," Kris said. "Kim didn't make any money off of this wedding. No. She didn't make five cents off of the wedding.

"She spent millions of dollars of her own money on a wedding," she continued. "And you know our network was very generous and filmed the show and obviously gave her a salary, all of us our shooting fees and all that, but it's not like we walked away with millions of dollars jingling in our pockets; absolutely not. ... It's tough when you have all the haters who have these licenses to say whatever they want and people don't know the facts. ... And people don't know the facts. So get your facts straight, people, before you start judging."

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While the divorce has seen its fair share of criticism, Kris noted that Kim's fans have stuck by their girl through her darkest hours. "We have an intimate relationship with our fans and viewers that we really respect and love, and so many people have been so amazing and supportive," she said.

So will Kris J. miss Kris H., who has vowed that he's "willing to do whatever it takes to make it work"?

"Well, he's a great guy," she shared. "I like Kris, and he's a good person, and they needed to do what they needed to do. So we'll see what happens."

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The bottom line, according to Mama Kardashian, is that, in the end, everything will work out for her little girl. "I told Kim: You're not the first person who's ever gotten a divorce, and guess what? You're not going to be the last," she said. "Unfortunately, this was short, and we feel bad, but, you know, she's going to be OK."

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