Rick Ross, Kreayshawn Don't 'Worry' About Each Other

'Things that happen outside of the music don't really have anything to do with the music,' says Kreay, who also squelched a feud with Gangsta Boo.

Kreayshawn made headlines last week when she found herself tied up in a supposed beef with fellow femcee Gangsta Boo. After shrugging off the drama and declaring the pair beef-free, she opened up about why she seems to attract so much drama.

"Sometimes it's shocking just to see the amount of attention your words can have," she told MTV News. "At the same time, it's something you just have to deal with. In my opinion, I think media and music are two very different things, and sometimes people put them together. But things that happen outside of the music don't really have anything to do with the music. And I'm concentrated on the music."

Of course, Kreay and Rick Ross have exchanged some words since her rise to fame, though these days, she insists that the two MCs have decided to squelch the feud. "We don't have no problems," she assured us. "He's busy doing a whole bunch of things, and so am I. We're not worried about each other."

As her profile continues to rise, the singer commented on her life as a celebrity, noting that she's still adjusting to all the madness that goes with a career in the music industry.

"Sometimes it gets scary, but then you have to think about it, [and] like everything, it's just a new opportunity. And when things get thrown at you hella quick, then you might be like, 'I'm not sure I'm ready for this,' " she said. "But everything that's been thrown at me, I've basically been catching, so it's been going really good. I think this is a great opportunity for somebody like me who is a creative and down-to-earth type of person."

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