Kreayshawn Addresses Gangsta Boo's 'RapFix' Jabs

White Girl Mob MC tells us the femcees 'worked everything out,' adding that Boo 'inspired me to rap.'

On Wednesday, Tennessee rapper Gangsta Boo stopped by "RapFix Live" and addressed the current state of the female MC, noting that she hoped everyone could learn to work together. But she had less than kind words for one MC in particular, [artist id="3953557"]Kreayshawn[/artist].

During the conversation, Gangsta Boo likened the "Gucci Gucci" rapper to a "wigger" and told "RFL" host Sway that the up-and-comer reminds her of a character from the 1997 Halle Berry comedy "B.A.P.S." Although she gave respect to Kreayshawn, the Three 6 Mafiia co-founder said she was concerned about Kreay's "ghetto" image.

Shortly after Boo's appearance on the live stream, Kreayshawn took to Twitter, sending out a few mysterious tweets that many fans took as a dig at the rapper. "Hahahah lonely hungry bitch don't deserve a mention. my local news caster got more followers then on you. Go play with ya kids hoe!"

She followed that up with another tweet: "Hope them shirts you selling at least paying your rent! Happy I can contribute."

The tweets seemed to be a reaction to Gangsta Boo, who showed off her shirt on Wednesday's show. On Friday (October 28), Kreayshawn was back on Twitter clearing the air, with a tweet to the Memphis MC." @GangstaBooQOM I wasn't talkin bout you. You know how the media be. [Sh--] you was one my fav. female rappers! You can say what you want," she wrote.

Kreay insisted those tweets weren't directed at Gangsta Boo when MTV News spoke to her on Friday afternoon.

"I was just like kind of shocked because I'm a fan of Gangsta Boo and as a female, she was one of the females in the game that inspired me to rap," she said of the comments made about her on "RapFix Live." When I heard it I was like, 'What? Gangsta Boo? This sucks.' To hear that from somebody that inspired me.

[The tweets] didn't even have anything to do with her. I already spoke to her about it," the Bay Area MC added. "The thing I tweeted wasn't even about her. It was on some whole other person. We ended up talking to each other. ... We worked everything out. There ain't no problems."

Gangsta Boo also let her fans know any beef has been settled. "PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE STOP ALL THIS KREAYSHWAN AND BOO S--- GOOD GOD HOW BOUT THEM BRAVES???? ITS NO BEEF FOR CHRIST SAKES. Just got off the phone w/ @KREAYSHAWN & I DID snap a lil bit in interviews but she took it like a G & she Luvs BAPS & she is not a 'wiggy,' " she tweeted.

"New respect 4 her because she did not take it to heart & she got at me letting me know she was not talking abt me so HEY MEDIA :) BYE MEDIA," Lady Boo added.

Now that the two performers have smoothed things over, Kreayshawn said she totally respects Boo's opinion. "From the outside looking in, everyone has the option to their own opinion," she said. "That's why I wasn't mad at her. I was just like, 'Oh, this sucks.' She can have her opinion, but we talked about it and it's all good."

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