Girls' Generation Dish On Hazards Of Making 'The Boys' Video

'A pigeon comes out and that pigeon flies all over the place ...,' Korean girl group member Jessica explains.

The phenomenon that is Girls' Generation is making its mark in the United States. Last week, the Korean pop girl group released their latest music video, "The Boys," and with 13 million YouTube views in just over a week, it's clear that fans love it.

On Monday, all nine Girls' Generation members stopped by MTV News and told us that they are still in shock that so many fans have checked out their latest effort.

"We have never expected many people to view our videos," Sooyung said. "So we are surprised and would like to have more chances to meet our fans in other countries."

The Teddy Riley-produced song is the first single off their third studio album, The Boys, which was released worldwide on October 19, the same day their video was released. The sexy, upbeat video shows off the girls' dance moves, highly stylized wardrobe and over-the-top set designs.

"All the sets were supposed to portray water, sand, and roses ... somewhat environmental," Tiffany explained. "It turned out so well, so we were all very pleased."

In one of the scenes, the girls walk in slow motion through a rain shower of rose petals, but shooting that particular scene was not as glamorous as it looked. "It was really hard to keep our eyes open during the rose petal scenes because they would use the same rose petals over and over, so I don't know how they got rid of the dust, but there was a lot of dust," Tiffany said.

Dust wasn't the only thing Girls' Generation had to watch out for on the shoot. The girls recruited a 10th member to join their group for the video, which unfortunately didn't turn out as planned.

"There was a pigeon. A pigeon comes out and that pigeon flies all over the place and guess what?" Jessica laughed while explaining the pigeon's "accident." "It actually happened on the collarbone of Sunny's."

"Luckily she has short hair," Tiffany added. "But it was funnier because Sunny didn't know that it happened."

"I actually told her," Jessica said. "I'm like, what is that?"

And of course, with nine girls on the set of a music video, you can bet there were a whole lot of laughs.

"There are scenes with all the lights off, like the silhouette scenes," Tiffany said. "We were screaming and laughing while doing the scenes because you don't see our faces."

Girls' Generation's first U.S. maxi-single will be released on November 19.

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