Black Keys' 'Lonely Boy' Video: Dancing Fool

Oddly compelling clip gives us the first listen to their new single and showcases some seriously funky dance moves.

Perhaps not content to let Coldplay's Chris Martin soak up all the glory for the unicycle skills he showcases in his band's new "Paradise" video, on Wednesday (October 26), the [artist id="1228321"]Black Keys[/artist] unveiled their own delightfully odd video, for "Lonely Boy." And let's just say: It's your move, Mr. Martin.

The "Lonely" clip may or may not be the actual video for the first single from the Keys' El Camino album (a spokesperson for their label, Nonesuch, did not respond to MTV News' request for comment at press time, though the fact that it's titled as a "first listen" leads us to believe there's a proper clip to follow). While it features little more than one fabulously funky gentleman and his dazzling array of dance moves, it is truly amazing to behold. Basically, it validates the existence of the entire Internet.

Mostly because, dang, can this dude dance. The Twist, the Carlton, even an MJ thrown in for good measure, he does it all, getting down in what appears to be the garage of a used car dealership (probably the same one Bob Odenkirk works at) while "Lonely Boy" blasts in the background. In fact, he even mouths most of the lyrics and acts a few of them out for us too. Much like the garage it is filmed in, this video is full-service.

While, sure, it would be easy to write the "Lonely Boy" clip off as just another viral video, that would be selling it short. It is a deceptively brilliant, oddly compelling and cleverly handmade thing, the kind of vid that practically begs to be watched over and over again (and believe me, I've spent the entire afternoon doing just that). There's not only an uninhibited joy to the man's moves, it doesn't hurt matters that the song is pretty fantastic too: a herky-jerky, down-and-dirty boogie powered by some raunchy guitar and a keening organ.

If anything, it makes me excited to hear even more of El Camino, which is out December 6. No word on whether the gentleman in the "Lonely Boy" video will be involved in any future promotion, but I've got my fingers crossed. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to watch this thing again. And again.

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