'Breaking Dawn' 'Blew My Mind,' Christina Perri Says

Soundtrack artist reviews November 18 entry in the 'Twilight' franchise for MTV News.

One of the perks of being asked to contribute to a soundtrack includes seeing the flick long before anyone else. For self-proclaimed Twilighter Christina Perri, getting a first look at "Breaking Dawn- Part 1" before it opens November 18 was a pretty big deal.

"When I screened the movie, it was definitely one of my favorite days ever," she told MTV News on the set of the video for her "Breaking Dawn" track, "A Thousand Years." "I went with all these Hollywood people, and they were there for work, and I was there for work to get inspired to write a song, but I was an über-fan, like, sitting in the front crying. And I had the best time ever."

So did the film live up to all her expectations? "The movie was unbelievable!" she gushed. "It's my favorite now, so I definitely had the best time ever. [It's my] favorite of the whole series. It definitely blew my mind, and I will say, I can't say anything about it, [but] I will say that if you're a 'Twilight' fan, you will be very happy, 'cause it was my favorite one."

Perri notes that previously revealed plot points, like the wedding, honeymoon and birth scene, live up to the hype. "I think the fans are most excited about the wedding, the sex scene and then the baby, but they're the three best parts of the book," she said. "But everyone's going to be really happy. I don't know how I kept this all a secret. I respect the privacy of the gigantic franchise. Why would you want to give it away?"

Perri is one of many artists who appear on the soundtrack, including Theophilus London, the Joy Formidable and Bruno Mars. The album hits stores November 8, just 10 days before the Bill Condon-directed "Breaking Dawn" opens November 18. A video for Mars' track, "It Will Rain," is slated to drop "in a couple weeks," as Mars alerted fans earlier this week. The last part of the "Twilight Saga," "Breaking Dawn - Part 2," opens November 2012.

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