'Dark Knight Rises' Prologue To Play Before IMAX 'Mission: Impossible'

Six-minute-long prologue footage will reportedly only be shown at theaters with high-resolution 70mm IMAX screens.

It is almost certain now that the Dark Knight will be rising sooner than expected. As MTV News reported last week, there was a rumor circulating that a six-minute prologue to the upcoming Christopher Nolan Batman film, "The Dark Knight Rises," would play before IMAX showings of "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol." The presentation was, in theory, supposed to be similar to the Joker's reveal that played before IMAX screenings of "I Am Legend" in 2008.

The rumor remained just that until theater chain AMC released a statement on their blog that reads: "The six-minute Dark Knight Rises prologue footage will only be shown on the higher resolution 70mm IMAX screens. Not the digital IMAX screens. Locations haven't been confirmed yet, so stay tuned for an update on AMC Theatre locations that will be showing the prologue Dark Knight Rises footage at a 70mm IMAX screen nearest you."

AMC's statement aligned with the original rumor that had been posted on /Film, but news of the clip only showing on the "higher resolution 70mm IMAX screens" was an unexpected bit of information, though not entirely surprising. Nolan is known for his meticulous control over his films, so insisting on the higher res for the preview makes sense.

This detail from the AMC post may spell trouble for some fans. If the report is accurate, the prologue will play on far fewer screens than initially expected. The digital IMAX screens tend to be more common than the 70mm format ones, so some fans may have to travel further than expected for their first glimpse at "The Dark Knight Rises."

The post was the most solid confirmation yet about the footage, but it was soon removed. A new statement was issued by AMC, stating, "The information in this post has been retracted until further notice. Please refer to Warner Bros. for any information about The Dark Knight Rises."

If AMC was confident enough to confirm the rumors, the prologue seems like more or less a certainty. The redaction by Warner Bros. could have to do with how they typically release Batman info. With "The Dark Knight," the "Why So Serious" marketing campaign involved highly complicated tasks that rewarded fans with content, like the Joker prologue. A straight news release for the "Dark Knight Rises" prologue would go against precedent.

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