Cobra Starship 'Go Big' During '90210' Cameo

'We were up for, like, 24 hours straight,' Gabe Saporta says of his band's appearance on Tuesday night's episode.

[artist id="2402281"]Cobra Starship[/artist] made a guest appearance on Tuesday night's "90210," and while they may have been looking fresh, it turns out they were anything but.

At least that's what they told MTV News back in August, one day after filming their cameo, and one day before they took the stage during the Video Music Awards Pre-Show.

"We were up for, like, 24 hours straight," frontman Gabe Saporta laughed. "We woke up at 5 a.m. to go film '90210.' We got done at, like, 8, and yesterday was our only day off, so we were like, 'OK, we haven't slept, but it's our only day in L.A., so let's go big.' "

Though they were dragging, Cobra pushed on through, wowing the "90210" crowd — and, from the sound of things, quite a few of the actresses too — with their performance.

"We did 'One Night' and another song from the record called 'Anything for Love,' " Saporta said. "There were a lot of babes there who were like, 'We'll do anything for love.' Girls who were very sensitive. Also, I felt like people were looking at us weird."

They even got a chance to flex their acting muscles (the same ones on display in their late, lamented "CobraTV" Web series) and, in the process, learned a few tricks of the trade from guitarist Ryland Blackinton.

"We did some fake speaking. We got pulled into a scene, because nobody can actually talk [during the filming of musical performances]," Blackinton explained. "A lot of people maybe know that, but our fake manager in it goes up to us and goes [mouths fake words], and we're like [mouths even more fake words]. So we, like, kind of had lines, but we were just talking nonsense."

"Ryland went to acting school, and I overheard something that, I guess, actors do, when you have to do those kind of things, where you're not really speaking. You say, 'Watermelon,' " Saporta said.

"Yeah, you list fruits," Blackinton added. "It looks deep, actually. All the fruits."

And if they had one complaint about their whole "90210" experience, it would probably be the casting of a rather hirsute gentleman as their "manager." No matter how starstruck they were on set, Cobra had a difficult time not being mesmerized by his impressive chest plumage. Still, like all great actors, they managed to press on.

"The manager they chose for us had a lot of chest hair," Saporta laughed.

"It was like he was wearing a shirt underneath his opened-up shirt," bassist Alex Suarez added.

"It looked like a Cosby sweater," Blackinton chimed in. "Only all one color."

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