Trouble Spills His Emotions On Green Light

'Whatever I'm goin' through, I don't know how to hold nothing in, period,' rapper tells Mixtape Daily.

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Artist: Trouble

Representing: Atlanta

Mixtape: Green Light

Real Spit: Trouble raps from a wealth of experience and usually without a filter. After the Zone 6, Atlanta, MC was released from prison on December 17, 2010, he decided to try his hand at music, using the studio as a sanctuary to get the stress off his chest. It's a process he employed on his debut December 17th mixtape and one that he once again utilizes on his newly released Green Light.

"The Green Light is self-explanatory if you think about it for a minute. It's just a go," Trouble told Mixtape Daily. "It's always been a go with me, though, for whatever I feel on the insides, whatever I'm goin' through, I don't know how to hold nothing in, period."

On the Chase N. Cashe-produced "I Can't," Trouble struggles with a cheating girlfriend. On the slow-rolling track, he displays a deep vulnerability that most street-bred rappers never show. "Down" serves as a dedication to Trouble's deceased friend AJ, and on "Seen It All" the Duct Tape Entertainment spitter tells tales of his come-up in the 'hood.

"Other folks will get it misconstrued just thinkin' that, 'Oh you're one of those bussin' rappers, you just killin' all the time,' " he said. "Hell nah, I'm a human being. I'm a grown man at the end of the day so I'm just expressin' my feelings."

It's not all emotion-driven. Trouble perfectly balances his street material with his heartfelt odes. On "Richer Pu---," Trouble bangs his chest while looking down fake industry mainstays with money. "Plenty," on the other hand, features Yo Gotti, Gucci Mane and Trouble boasting about their abundant trappings.

"On Green Light, it's a lot of different kind of music on there," Trouble said. "Sh-- that they'll f--- with in the clubs, sh-- that they gonna be able to ride to when one of their man's done got shot and be able to sit there and go back to those situations and reminisce. It's reality rap that I'm giving these folks."