Red Cafe 'Celebrating Women' In 'Fly Together' Video

Rick Ross and Ryan Leslie join RC on post-apocalyptic video set.

LOS ANGELES — Setting foot on the set of [artist id="1244296"]Red Café[/artist]'s music video for "Fly Together" on Tuesday night, you might have thought you were in the middle of a Hollywood blockbuster. The Colin Tilley-directed clip was set in what looked like an industrial wasteland meets an apocalyptic auto graveyard.

Red Café was joined on set by his "Fly Together" collaborators, Rick Ross and Ryan Leslie. The trio towered above the set on steel cargo containers as smoke billowed in the background and a demolished car dangled in the air.

"Oh, man, this set is crazy," Red told MTV News. "Shout-out to Colin Tilley. He's amazing as well, and his vision just came to life here on this set. [He] got me up here like I'm Evel Knievel or something on this. You know, I was very nervous up there."

While it was definitely an impressive spectacle, the Brooklyn MC focused more on the message when breaking down the video's treatment.

"The treatment is really just kinda celebrating women, showcasing their independence and they could be your equal, and that's something that I recognize in a lot of women and I just wanted to bring that to life, visually," RC said. "So it's really just showcasing that a woman can be independent and she could have her own thing going on."

As far as how the track came together, the Bad Boy/ Konvict Music rapper told MTV News it happened rather quickly.

"Me and Ryan Leslie put this record together in New York," he said. "I was just excited to work with Ryan. I think Ryan is a genius. We did two days in the studio. The first day we was just vibing, just to like, just try to connect and get each other's vibe. And the second day we went in there and we created this record and immediately I heard Ross' voice on there — I'm just a fan of what Ross do — and I reached out to him and played him the joint, and he loved it."