Mark Wahlberg Talks 'Fighter' Sequel, Wahlburgers

He also reveals that Catherine Zeta-Jones just signed on to join him and Russell Crowe in 'Broken City.'

Mark Wahlberg was in the giving spirit at the Emmys this weekend, kicking MTV News a bunch of news about his upcoming projects — everything from a burger-based reality show to who he'll be sharing the screen with on his next flick to who will be putting pen to paper for his planned "Fighter" sequel.

This fall, Wahlberg is headed to New York to shoot "Broken City," a noir drama in which he'll play a private detective hired by the mayor (Russell Crowe) to investigate whether his wife is cheating on him. "I think Catherine Zeta-Jones just signed on to be Russell's wife," Wahlberg told us.

A call to the production company behind the project was not immediately returned.

Also on the movie tip, Wahlberg gave us an update about his "Fighter" sequel. Previously, David O. Russell, who helmed the Oscar-winning first film but didn't pen the script, had told us he was looking to write the sequel. But Wahlberg let us know the original screenwriter will likely get the first crack at drafting the sequel, which will focus on Micky Ward's three bouts with Arturo Gatti from 2002 to 2003.

"We're hoping that Scott Silver, who really wrote the first one, will come on, write the script," the actor said. "This one we'd try to make a more commercial movie about the three big fights. Dramatically, there's a lot more at stake for Micky because [after] he won the title, people automatically thought — he's still living in Lowell [Massachusetts] — they thought all of a sudden he was rich. He made a couple thousand dollars for that fight when he won the title. And that's when things got really difficult for him."

And, about those hamburgers, Wahlberg told us that not only is he deadly, deliciously serious about opening a patty joint with his brothers called Wahlburgers, but they're also planning to shoot an Internet-based reality show about the effort.

"Listen, when I told the story that I wanted to do a show about a movie star and his five friends running around Hollywood, everybody said it was the dumbest idea in the world," Wahlberg said of his "Entourage" success. "My brother is a five-star chef. So it's a family-run business. You're going to see us doing a reality show about building the business. This is the real deal. We'll throw it up there and see if it sticks."

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