Coldplay OK With Fans' Mylo Xyloto Title Confusion

'Before anyone knew what a Snickers was, that word would have sounded weird,' singer Chris Martin reasons with MTV News.

Reaching a certain level of stardom and popularity brings with it all kinds of perks: private jets, free clothes from top designers, the best seats at the most exclusive restaurants and, you know, the money, the adoration of millions, and all that.

But for Coldplay, a decade's worth of success and hard work also meant that when it came time to name their upcoming fifth album, the group wasn't worried that the somewhat bizarre title they came up with might confuse their biggest fans.

"That's why we called it such a strange thing, Mylo Xyloto," explained singer Chris Martin backstage at the Austin City Limits festival over the weekend.

Mylo Xyloto is a mouthful, and so are these anagrams for the album title we came up with on the Newsroom blog.

"We did take a gun and kind of shoot it right at our shoes [by calling it Mylo Xyloto]," he added. "It's just an attempt to ... it just feels fresh to us, it's new. It doesn't mean anything except that [album's] music."

And while neither Martin nor drummer Will Champion would go as far as to explain exactly what the title of the album (due October 25) refers to, they did confirm that it was pretty much the only name they considered all along. "It sort of has a nice appearance to it," Martin continued, "with all those O's. We had it on one of our many lists for about two years and for all the other titles that were suggested, it kept winning."

In fact, Martin and Champion couldn't even remember what the other potential titles were, but they both swore that all were "even worse" than the cryptic, if oddly alluring, one they settled on. "And so we [accepted that], 'Well, this will be tough to explain.' But then we thought well, but maybe in the old days before anyone knew what a Snickers was, that word would have sounded weird as well, or Google ... or Yahoo! So why not try and invent something new?"

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