Justin Bieber Hopes For 'More Memories' With Sean Kingston

Teen sends a video message to pal and collaborator for 'MTV First: Sean Kingston.'

On Tuesday night (August 2), [artist id="2542027"]Sean Kingston[/artist] sat down with MTV News to talk about a Memorial Day weekend jet-ski accident that landed him in the hospital for more than a month. In the weeks since his release, he's been working to get his life and career back on track, all of which he opened up about during "MTV First: Sean Kingston."

He's been getting support from his pals, like teen superstar Justin Bieber, who made his way down to Miami earlier this month to visit Kingston. The two have collaborated on several tracks, including "Eenie Meenie," and toured together last year.

The 17-year-old shared this message with us in an interview that aired during the special: "I just want to say what's up, Sean? I'm glad you're doing well. I had fun hanging out with you in Miami, and there's plenty more memories to come."

Bieber was spotted in Kingston's hometown, where the two buddies kicked back. "We were just hanging out at his house, kicking it, driving around Miami and whatnot," Bieber explained of the trip. "It was a lot of fun. I got to relax and take time off."

During his trip, Bieber got a chance to see how well the "Beautiful Girls" singer has been doing in the months since the crash, which led Kingston to make the decision to lose a significant amount of weight. "His spirits are a lot higher," he said. "He still has to have people around him to make sure he's doing all right, but his spirits are high, and he's doing well."

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