Best Coast's 'Our Deal' Supervideo: Best Side Story

Drew Barrymore directs Tyler Posey, Chloë Moretz and more in an homage to classic teensploitation films.

Last week, we gave you a sneak peek at Best Coast's "Our Deal," the latest clip in MTV's "Supervideo" series. But perhaps it's more fitting to call that glimpse a trailer, because "Our Deal," which premiered on Tuesday (August 2), is most definitely a Hollywood production.

Directed by none other than Drew Barrymore and starring a who's who of up-and-coming stars — "Kick-Ass" star Chloë Moretz and "Teen Wolf" himself Tyler Posey as a pair of star-crossed lovers; Donald Glover, Alia Shawkat and Miranda Cosgrove as members of warring (though strangely good-natured) gangs — "Our Deal" looks very much like it was taken directly from the big screen. And its plotline is equally indebted to cinema, particularly the pegged jeans and teenage melodrama of classics like "The Outsiders," "Rumblefish," "Grease," "Rebel Without a Cause," "West Side Story" and basically any production that involves forbidden love, '50s hairdos, the occasional switchblade and matching jackets.

In short, it centers on a budding romance between Moretz and Posey, members of the Night Creepers and the Day Trotters, gangs who battle for control of L.A.'s streets. Their love is derailed when a member of the Creepers (Cosgrove, for those keeping score at home) is caught by members of the Trotters and beaten within an inch of her life. This sparks a rebuttal from the Creepers, in the form of a down-and-dirty — and surprisingly breakdance-heavy — rumble on the rooftops. But before said rumble can occur, Posey is forced to choose between his newfound love, who wants to run away from it all, and his loyalty to his gang. It is a story nearly as old as the movies themselves.

It's also a credit to everyone involved that "Our Deal" never quite feels like a retread. Barrymore's direction has a light, decidedly "indie" feel, and all the actors appear as if they're having an absolute blast preening and posing (and fighting, too). Of course, there's a rather heartbreaking twist at the end, one we won't reveal here — especially since you can watch the video right now — but suffice it to say, it's bound to inspire even more teen angst ... and possibly a sequel, too. After all, that's the Hollywood way, right?