Rick Ross Signee Meek Mill Flaunting Growth On New Mixtape

'Now, I've been around the world, almost every city,' Philly MC tells Mixtape Daily. 'My wordplay is better.'

Don't Sleep: Necessary Notables

Headliner: Meek Mill

Mixtape: Dream Chasers

Key Cameo: Rick Ross and Yo Gotti on "Don't Panic"

Real Spit: Philadelphia MC [artist id="3021931"]Meek Mill[/artist] has been ruling his city's underground scene for some time, but thanks to his deal with Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group, the young upstart is getting the chance to introduce himself to a wider audience. And Meek's next mixtape, Dream Chasers, is set to build on that.

After making a splash on standout singles like "Tupac Back" and "Ima Boss" from the MMG compilation album Self Made, Meek is ready to reposition himself in the game.

"While Self Made was going on, I was working on a mixtape called Dream Chasers. It should be coming out in a couple of days," Meek told Mixtape Daily. "This is my first mixtape actually introducing myself to the world. My new fans, they only heard 'Ima Boss,' 'Tupac Back,' maybe 'Make 'Em Say' and 'Rosé Red,' but really I know how to rap for real and this is my first mixtape I'm introducing to the world."

Mill is no stranger to street tapes, however. His Flamerz series put him on rap's map and even earned him a collaboration with T.I. early on in his career. Still, he sees a stark difference in his most recent work.

"My new stuff, I've seen more [of the world]. When I was doing Flamerz, I ain't been out the city — I only been to New York or maybe even Atlantic City. Now, I've been around the world, almost every city," he explained. "I got more things to talk about; it's more things I've learned. My wordplay is better: I'm seeing more money, I'm seeing more things. I'm growing."

Even with that growth, Meek hasn't forgotten about his fellow Philly rap artists, many of whom he says will be featured on the tape. There will also be beats from Cardiak, Jahlil Beats and Lex Luger as well as appearances by Rick Ross and Yo Gotti.

But no matter whom his collaborators are, Meek Milly promises quality above all else. "Just expect good music," he said with confidence, "because that's all I'm good for."

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