'Cowboys & Aliens' Will 'Exceed' Fans' Expectations

Director Jon Favreau tells MTV News there's much more to the movie than the 'silly' title may suggest.

When news broke that "Iron Man" director Jon Favreau had wrangled two of the biggest names in the action-movie business — Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig — to star in his intriguing genre mash-up "Cowboys & Aliens," that and a compelling premise proved to be enough to send scores of fanboys online seeking advanced tickets.

But though there's lots of early buzz from the marquee names associated with "Aliens" (mega-watt producers Steven Spielberg and Ron Howard are also onboard), Favreau recently admitted to MTV News that he felt pressure to deliver something extraordinary for fans.

"Of course, with Ron Howard and Steven Spielberg [producing], I'm in real good hands," Favreau said about overcoming the challenges of establishing just the right tone for the movie. "I learned a tremendous amount from them, and I think when you cast Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig — with 'Bond' and 'Indy,' those are two franchises that are fun but not silly," he added about Craig's 007 and Ford's "Indiana Jones" series. "And I think that if people take a clue from who I cast in the film as to how it's going to play, it's a good indicator," he explained.

Favreau went on to say that there's far more to the film than what the title suggests. "I think [moviegoers] hear the name 'Cowboys and Aliens,' it sounds kind of silly, but it also sounds compelling and interesting," he said. "So if they give it a chance, they'll see it's a fun movie, it's an exciting movie, and I think it's going to exceed their expectations."

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