Blink-182 'Stoked' For Fans To Hear 'Up All Night'

Mark Hoppus emails MTV News days before the premiere of much-anticipated new single.

Two years ago, Blink-182 told MTV News they wouldn't be playing "Up All Night" during their reunion tour mostly because, well, they hadn't finished recording it yet.

"We really don't want the first time that people hear our new song to be a YouTube version of us playing it live," Mark Hoppus said at the time. "We want it to be the actual song, and we haven't gotten the chance to finish it yet, so we'll probably leave it out of the set until we actually release it."

Of course, for a while there, it looked like that release date would never come. But on Tuesday night, much to the delight of Blink fans everywhere, the band announced that "Up All Night" would finally, totally, officially make its premiere Friday at 10:30 a.m. on Los Angeles radio station KROQ and

If you think you're excited, well, you can imagine how the guys in Blink must be feeling. After all, the debut of "Up All Night" has been a long time coming. And, as Hoppus told MTV News in an email Wednesday (July 13), they can't wait to finally give fans a listen to what they've been up to all this time.

"We're all so stoked to finally have music out that people can listen to. I think I'm probably more excited than anyone else in the world for the new single," Hoppus wrote. " 'Up All Night' contains elements of everything we've done in Blink-182, and pushes further than we've gone before. Can't wait for everyone to check it out."

Blink will hit the road along with My Chemical Romance on August 5 as part of the 2011 Honda Civic Tour — and yes, they'll be playing songs from their upcoming album. And bringing lasers too.

"I just want lasers. That's what I said last time, though, so we'll see," Tom DeLonge told MTV News in May. "I'm excited [because] I think on this next tour we're going to be able to have a lot more options of what we can do, because the music is going to afford a little more latitude, just because we've been doing some really cool stuff and different stuff with the new record. So I'm really excited to bring that out."

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