'American Idol' Contestants Hope Jennifer Lopez Returns

'It would be kind of sad if she didn't come back,' Naima Adedapo says.

While Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler are locked in for another season of "American Idol," Jennifer Lopez's presence at the judges' table next year is still to be determined. While the top 10 finalists on Tyler and Lopez's rookie season were rehearsing for their Idols Live! Tour, they told MTV News they'd be pretty upset if Lopez didn't return.

"I love Jennifer Lopez; she's been nothing but nice to all of us, and backstage, she is as nice as she comes across on TV," Paul McDonald told MTV News. "It'd be great for her to come back. It kind of depends on what path she wants to do with her own life now. Obviously, I'd want her back. I'll watch the show next year if she comes on there."

Naima Adedapo fondly remembered J.Lo's warm demeanor on the set. "That was a big part of our experience: seeing her across from us and seeing her do her little rock while we were singing and what not," she recalled. "I feel like it would be kind of sad if she didn't come back. I think that's something we look forward to, just because it was something that we had."

Pia Toscano also seemed to be bummed out by the possibility that Jenny from the Block might not come back to judge the reality show again. "She's amazing [and] such a great addition to the show," she said. "I think the panel this year was awesome. Jennifer was pretty spot on every time with her critiques and her constructive criticism. I'm gonna miss her if she goes. I think she added so much to the show."

Scotty McCreery admitted that he was initially unsure the show would work with the new class of judges, and without Simon Cowell. However, once he was on he felt differently. "It was such a great a season for us," he said. "Now it's like I couldn't see it any other way. For us, it's weird to think about."

Casey Abrams mirrored those remarks, adding, "First of all, they're incredible judges. We pulled in lots of viewers, and there's more votes than ever, and I hope she comes back."

Haley Reinhart kept a sense of humor about Lopez's decision. "You know, maybe she figured we already made her the most beautiful woman in the world, and she can leave now, walk away," she joked.

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