Diggy Simmons' 'Copy, Paste' Is 'Anthem' For Innovators

Diggy talks to MTV News on set of Phil the God-directed video.

Diggy Simmons fancies himself an originator, and his first official single, "Copy, Paste," is a toast to the young rapper's individuality. MTV News caught up with the son of Rev Run on the set of the song's video in L.A.

" 'Copy, Paste' is just for people that are original, people that are innovators, people that just do their own thing," he said. "I feel as though that I'm a person like that myself, so just making a theme song or an anthem for people that are like that."

The video, directed by Phil the God, features Diggy in a lab, tied up with tubes. The young rapper bypassed making a run-of-the-mill, club-set rap video.

"It feels great working with Phil the God, that's the director that did 'Made You Look' with me; he did 'What They Been Waiting For' and 'Shook Ones.' Those are like my three viral videos that I did when I was doing my mixtapes, and he just came up with the best treatment," Diggy told MTV News. "It just feels right: We have a great connection. We'll hop on the phone and talk about ideas, the things I want to do, the things he wants to do, and just get hyped off of each other's energy, and the best will come out of that."

After making his stamp in the mixtape game with the 2010 DJ Premier-hosted Past, Presents, Future and Airborne, the 2011 XXL Magazine freshman is putting the finishing touches on his yet-untitled Atlantic Records debut album. While there is no release date set, Simmons estimated he is about 85 percent done.

He also revealed that the previously leaked, Bruno Mars-assisted "Click Clack Away" won't make the LP's final track list. Diggy promised some "great features," but insisted the album will focus primarily on him.

"A lot of it is me: There are only a few features, though, but there are features that fit the songs perfectly," he said. "I don't really go based off of, 'Oh, I like this artist, let's do a song with them.' I like doing that, but the way this went was, 'Oh, he would sound great on this hook, let's do it.' Otherwise, it's all me."

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