Gym Class Heroes Get Shady In 'Stereo Hearts' Video

First single from the group's The Papercut Chronicles II album features vocals by Maroon 5's Adam Levine.

[artist id="1904930"]Gym Class Heroes[/artist] don't exactly have a lot to do in the video for "Stereo Hearts," the first single from their upcoming The Papercut Chronicles II. Instead, it's their shadows that handle most of the heavy lifting.

"The video basically plays on the idea that we're sort of just being casual, hanging out, being ourselves and our shadows get wild and get loose," drummer Matt McGinley told MTV News on the video set. "It's kind of fun. I've always felt like my shadow has been trying to kill me for 28 years."

"That's just me," frontman Travie McCoy laughed, "creeping up on your ass."

So while the GCH guys were content to crack jokes and let their shadows have the spotlight on the "Stereo" set, they're taking the opposite approach when it comes to their new album. Because not only is it a sequel to their beloved 2005 album, it's their return to prominence after McCoy's Lazarus solo trek and a break that was, by all accounts, too long.

"We just played a show at the Nokia in L.A., and just to see how elated kids were that we were back together again, I almost cried, I'm not going to lie," McCoy said. "We've been away too long, and anyone who thought me putting out Lazarus was the end of Gym Class Heroes was definitely proven wrong with that show."

And with "Stereo Hearts," they're officially getting back to business. Produced by Bennie Blanco and featuring Maroon 5's Adam Levine on the hook, it's a prime-time slab of genre-mashing, sweat-inducing pop, the kind of song that may very well push GCH to summertime superstardom. And, in working with Levine, they've learned about taking the next step too.

"It's a fun love song at the end of the day, and it's definitely got a summertime vibe ... and having Adam bless us with his vocal stylings doesn't hurt much," McCoy said. "He just destroyed it. Watching that dude do [vocal] runs, and first he belts out the hook, and I'm like, 'OK!' then he does overdubs and he's like, 'Nah, I don't like that, I can do better.' Everything's just flawless and dude's so talented. Just getting into a song and pushing it, it was inspiring."

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