Lady Gaga, Weird Al Find 'Happy Ending' After Parody Beef

'She's totally cool and she really likes the parody,' Al tells MTV News of 'Perform This Way.'

All is well between Lady Gaga and "Weird Al" Yankovic. After some initial drama over his parody of "Born This Way," Gaga eventually gave Al her stamp of approval.

When MTV News caught up with Weird Al on Monday night at the "Bad Teacher" premiere in New York City, he told us the pop star is actually of a fan of his track, "Perform This Way."

"Where we stand is my music video 'Perform This Way' world-premiered [Monday] and is doing quite well," he said. "My album comes out [today]," he said of Alpocalypse, which was released on Tuesday (June 21). "It all got resolved."

On the Gaga parody track, he sings, "Got my straight jacket today/ It's made of gold lamé/ No, not because I'm crazy/ I perform this way." Then he goes on to lampoon, among other topics, that famous MTV VMA meat dress: "I strap prime rib to my feet/ Cover myself with raw meat/ I'll bet you've never seen a skirt steak worn this way."

Initially, it seemed Gaga wasn't too pleased with the song's lyrics, but according to Al, she has come around. So, what exactly happened between Al and Mother Monster before things got straightened out?

"It was a big misunderstanding, miscommunication," he explained. "The bottom line is it's a happy ending. Lady Gaga approves it; she's totally cool and she really likes the parody."

In the brand-new video, Al portrays Gaga in some of her signature looks, from her Grammy egg to her bubble dress, but it wasn't easy to narrow down wardrobe for the clip.

"It's a challenge because she's got so many different looks," he said. "I mean, she's got such a bigger-than-life persona, so a big part of figuring out the video is figuring out how we're going to do two-dozen costumes in three minutes. On top of putting my head on a woman's body, that was difficult as well. So [making the video took] a lot of CG effects and wardrobe, basically."

Gaga isn't the only superstar lampooned on Alpocalypse. Al also has some fun with Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and T.I., to name a few. "It's very eclectic, it's very odd, which I guess you come to expect from a guy like me."

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