'Green Lantern' Stars: Don't Try Superhero Fashion At Home!

At the movie's Hollywood premiere, Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively and others weigh in on when it's cool to wear spandex.

HOLLYWOOD — No matter how different the characters, costumes and mythology, there are a lot of similarities among comic book superheroes, especially those of the big-screen variety. The latest entry into the comic book movie annals is this week's "Green Lantern," in which star Ryan Reynolds sports a fashion commonly associated with superhero types: spandex.

Well, his co-star Blake Lively insists the Green Lantern isn't wearing a suit of spandex, but rather a suit of "energy." Still, given the fact that these characters seem so comfortable sporting outfits of the stretchy, pliant variety, we asked the stars and attendees at Wednesday's "Green Lantern" premiere at Grauman's Chinese Theatre when they think it's cool for dudes to wear spandex — outside the superhero realm, of course.

"Ooh wow, that's good," Ryan Reynolds said of our query. "Ballet. Definitely ballet. That's in the top five at least."

Mark Strong, who plays the soon-to-be-evil Sinestro, suggested that the appropriate time is "on a bicycle. And that's about it."

"I wear spandex every day," revealed NBA All-Star Blake Griffin. "So I'd say 24/7. I have red, white, blue, green, orange, purple, navy, pink," he joked, before correcting himself. "I just wear white and black under my basketball shorts. I don't really go that far."

Reynolds had a definite idea of when not to wear the fabric: "I don't think when it's sexy time. That's probably not a good idea."

Maybe it depends on what color you wear for said sexy time?

"[Maybe] lavender, with little gold flecks?" Reynolds allowed, with a smile.

"If people could walk around in suits of energy, that would be cool," Blake Lively said, taking our question seriously. "Other than that, I don't think men should wear spandex."

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