Kanye West G.O.O.D. Music Tour 'Amazing,' CyHi The Prynce Says

'The creativity level has to be through the roof,' CyHi tells MTV News.

Good concerts and summer go hand in hand, and beginning Thursday (June 9) night, [artist id="1230523"]Kanye West[/artist]'s G.O.O.D. Music outfit is taking its show on the road. As a part of Heineken's Red Star Access summer concert series, West, Pusha T, Big Sean, CyHi the Prynce and the rest of G.O.O.D. will roll through nine cities, including Miami, Chicago, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Houston and Detroit.

While in town for Thursday's New York show, CyHi spoke to MTV News about the tour. "It's amazing," he said. "We get to do a lot of big cities that I haven't been to yet. A lot of people want to see us all together."

Back in March, Kanye made a splash in Austin when he brought John Legend, Common, Kid Cudi and Mos Def out to the Vevo Power Plant to perform during 2011's South by Southwest festival. According to CyHi, this tour is an extension of that show.

"We did it in South by Southwest when we brought everybody together and it was a successful show. So we want to do the same and try to duplicate every city we go to and make it bigger and bigger every time," he said.

CyHi couldn't confirm which G.O.O.D. artists were performing in which cities, hinting that there will most likely be a rotating cast of characters throughout the nine dates. But he was able to talk a bit about his stage show. During his 20- to 30-minute set the Atlanta rapper will perform songs from his noteworthy Royal Flush mixtape as well as its upcoming sequel, Royal Flush 2.

"My new stage set is incredible," he said. "I've been fortunate enough to get little props and banners and fog machines and lights."

When asked whether Kanye had imparted any wisdom to the young rapper, he said he is encouraged to be creatively free. "He showed me that there are no limitations. The creativity level has to be through the roof," CyHi said. "Me, like I've been telling people I'm the prince of two kings. So my show has to look like that, my interviews have to look that way, my songs have to represent that as well."

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